The humdrum of thundering, spluttering cars,

Drives me insane as I stare at my screen.

A whirlwind of deadlines spin round, round my mind,

Faster and faster ‘till my head feels like fire.

My window is open, I stare out blankly,

When cloud becomes mist, and walls collapse.

Surrounded by nature, a lake of secrets,

Right up to the banks rest the ancient silver firs.

The guardians of the lake stand proud, free,

Their leafy armour rustling as the zephyrs come and go.

Their footmen, the wood-sorrels, clamber about each root,

Cascading down to the reeds, where the lake halts its growth.

Protected, deathly still, like a polished mirror,

Murky glass reflects little, but still it saw the sky.

Here and there, a lily pad rests, a luxury boudoir,

Where the empress lays, her perfume profound.

Bright pink and vibrantly she shines, a celebrity,

Like city lights and Hollywood stars, hello, hello spotlight.

The photo frame then fades to sky,

The windowsill returns.

The tappity tap of keyboard clicks,

Surround my office abode.

I breathe a sigh, a dream no more,

And with that my work resumes.

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