The family gathers when darkness reigns,

The herd shelters against fierce rains,

Drawing in warmth, love, light,

Comforting each other throughout the night.

The strength of unity, powerful, pure,

Peace: the truest, simplest cure

to poverty, violence, hatred, fear.

A world freed of war’s callous sneer.

Freedom to grow, to flourish, to thrive,

Abounding in wealth, a society alive,

Trapped no longer by fear’s cruel cage,

Peace: an old dream, brought to a new age.

Respect between each, our foes no more,

Recompense for what lacked before,

Arms welcome, where once we had weapons,

A world of peace, this new hope beckons.

And in this future, gold and bright,

Together we’ll stand, our mistakes put right.

Courage and compassion, no voice too small,

Harmony, freedom, peace for us all.

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