My Silent Love

Reverently, she holds me dear,

Soft, sweet, her gentle caress.

Dancing, twirling, through silken air,

My silent love: perfect, no less.

Her heart, soul, pouring through me,

Kindling my burning desire,

And at the slightest touch of her lips,

Her kiss, this humble spark: a fire.

Amongst all other she chooses me,

Again and again and again,

From long cold nights, come morning light,

Her warmth, my silent haven.

Until she rips me limb by limb,

Her ink-stained fingers: cold, cruel.

Oblivious to my painful plight:

Silence greets this simple tool.

And as my life-blood drains away,

Fading, slowly running out.

My last page, I’ll ever write.

To the very end, ever devout.

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