A General Introduction

A general introduction about myself and this blog.

Currently I am studying year 11 at Brighton Secondary School. I enjoy drama, science and of course, english. I am part of a creative writing club at my school, and even though I mainly write poetry, I also write short stories every now and then (some of which I might throw into this blog sometime).

I have always loved how some people can exert such mastery over language and call forth such powerful emotions and feelings in literature. In particular, poetry. I soon found that I had a love for crafting with words too, and started writing poetry. I enjoy deep conversations, but I have never been someone who talks about all their problems and feelings, but through poety I found a new way to express myself. I delighted in revealing parts of myself that I had been reluctant to share before through cryptic verses. Eventually I realised that not only did I enjoy it (and my step mum was pretty proud of it), but I had quite a knack for it (it’s a bit hard to tell when your parents praise you). Over the years I have honed this skill and written more and more poetry, experimenting with different forms and styles and improving all the way.

Last year for my birthday my parents gave me my own website. After it being left idle for a while, I decided that I would use it as a poetry blog. I am starting by uploading all of my older work, and working my way towards current stuff day by day.

So there is a short introduction for me and my blog, hope you enjoy it!


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