Sticky swirls of caramel decadence,

Dancing with a flourish to the final cadence.

Melting in glorious, gooey, gleeps,

Amongst pink jelly of sugary sweets.

Bouncing with crisp, and tunnelled sensation,

Around and around, jumping jubilation.

Rover through the double pound,

Heady and heavy as it drags to the ground.

Erotic and sensual, lusting with desire,

Chewy wads caught in teeth attire.

Heavenly syrup of whitened cocoa,

Softly creamy as it swishes under and over.

Fresh and cool as it bubbles through red lips,

Aired and dribbled into fluffy drips,

Delicate and fragile as it falls into pieces,

Thickens and swells, smoothing the creases,

Original ebony, precise devotion,

Milk mixed together for the perfect concoction.

Honeycomb nest and zinging like bees,

Drizzled in a barrier set to appease.

Cracking hard and slippery in surround,

Buttery fingers of supreme sound,

End of time to phase away,

Lost and dose the rest of the day.

A box of delights no need for a cause,

I know my favourites, now how about yours?

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