Brothers of the Forest

The pack-song is sung, can you hear, my brother?

Sing loud with joy, for you are of pack,

Call loud to the moon, let your voice be heard,

Sing loud with adoration, for you are of pack,

The hunt-song is sung, can you hear, my brother?

Call loud with glee, for you are of pack,

Run quick through the woods, let your catch be caught,

Call loud with triumph, for you are of pack.

Long Ago

She looks to him, as he looks to her,

In a way they must have, once before,

I do not regret, only I cannot forget,

The impossible truth that must have been true,

Once long ago,

But no more.

The Luckiest Girl in the Universe

A/n:  so far I have been going back and selecting poems that I have written the past few years ago, aiming to work my way up to today, but I found this one that I had written in class last year that I absolutely had to share now! This is it.


I am the luckiest girl in the universe

Every moment, every glimpse,

of this truly amazing life,

Paints a masterpiece unheard of before.

A fool calls it coincidence,

A gambler calls it chance,

A psychic calls it fate.

But I know the truth-

The universe revolves around anyone who chooses to be incredible.

That’s me, and I trust in the world I create.

I am the luckiest girl in the universe and I know it…

Because I choose it.


Serene, splendid, clear and cool,

The waterfall cascades down to the pool,

Whispering, strong, wise and old,

The willows tell the stories untold,

Shy, curious, timid and lean,

The young fawn peers out onto the scene.

Snapshot image, a peaceful retreat,

No freezing cold, no searing heat,

Will you go there? Maybe? Or no?

Will you take me? Maybe? Lets go.

Enjoy it now while it lasts, for,

A dream is a dream and woken, is no more.


Fire burns its way through my mind,

As your soft crackling seduces my soul,

Through passages in my head you stole.

My sleep cannot be slept,

For the heat is too strong.

Hissing in my ears like a mesmerising song.

Don’t play with fire,

The saying goes,

Don’t come running hither with your woes.

I care not,

Of what I’ve learnt,

For I have already been burnt.

Warm me with your flickering flames,

Charm me into a deadly trance,

Draw me in too far to advance.

The Sea

Who am I? I am the Sea,

The goddess of water, that is me,

I connect your senses sight and sound,

Touch, smell, and taste, all around,

My waves may be gentle, soft and light,

Beneath the sun’s rays bright,

And yet now see the storm begin,

With all of its terror swarming within,

My waves convey the fury I feel,

Let their mighty ships rock and reel,

And bow down in submission,

Life and death are my decision,

I let them be,

They have honoured me,

I am my own master.


Sometimes I wonder,

What it would be like,

To explore forests, go on a hike,

Sail the seven seas, have adventures,

Embark on a journey, go on a quest,

Unfortunately, that stuff is only for the best.

Whenever I think about it,

My mind goes wild,

I imagine doing these things, even though I’m just a child,

I’d swing my sword,

Backhand, side cut, overhead, thrust,

Against bloodthirsty enemies where skill is a must,

I’d be a captain of a ship,

Calling orders,”Heave ho!”

Weaving my way through rocks, to and thro.

But my conscience brings me back,

I feel light and heady,

Mother was calling, supper was ready.