Knuckle-bone bowers and prickle-laid beds,

Bleached bones and interlocked heads,

A graveyard of bracken, bark and boughs,

Red Ochre blood, seeping from furrows,

Horizons of Belaha, flush as water,

Serenity, my prayer place, my altar,

Lazy heat from a red setting sun,

It’s to here, this my home, I run.

I Just

I just want to run away, run away from all the pain,

I just want to leave behind, leave behind the tears I cry,

I just want the fears to fade, wish to fade the wails away.

I just wish for someone to know, to know the reason, to know just why,

I just wish to be alone, be on my own, leave me alone,

I just wish to hold your hand, hold me close, please understand.

I just can’t stand the fighting inside,

I just can’t stand the chaos,

I just can’t tell who I am anymore,

I just can’t tell where to go.

A Windswept Canyon

A windswept canyon, burnt umber by Ra,

Howling endlessly, echoingly, forlorn.

The lone rider trudges, the trader’s pack sludges,

Through storms of grit and grain and dust –

Scouring the land of poison and plagues.

No settlements can sustain here,

Only the rogue stranger – stealing across this ravaged land.

Fumbling in the beige, clawing at the sky, for freedom to breathe.

For this hurricane massacres dwellers, scars the travellers.

Make haste through the winds that wash the walls,

Eating at flesh, at bones – of the guest, and the home.

Running Swiftly

Running swiftly, over rippling hills,

From deep black pools, to misty greys,

Blurred in motion, heralded by brays.

A ford erupts, in endless spray,

Jewelled bodices, sparkle unrivaled,

‘Till the river’s past, the storm, subsided.

The thunder rolls, under the sunlight,

Children of the wind, battle the plains,

Barren steppes against flowing manes.

Elegant forms that pass with grace,

Memory etched, image engraved,

Creatures of freedom, cruelly enslaved.

Whipped and beaten, spurred upon,

Not all take pain, some take pleasure,

The spirit we seek be one, together.

But forget the heartache, the dark past,

For beauty is as beauty does,

Wild mustangs, rearing studs.

Universal Musings

How incredible is the life we live?

That stardust ensures – a miracle of the universe.

A single thought can change the world.

A single atom can define an era.

Each life is unique, never seen again.

The youngest, as ancient as the elders,

A clue from history long past.

Should even a whisper be lost to oblivion,

The universe would be a darker place.


 Sticky swirls of caramel decadence,

Dancing with a flourish to the final cadence.

Melting in glorious, gooey, gleeps,

Amongst pink jelly of sugary sweets.

Bouncing with crisp, and tunnelled sensation,

Around and around, jumping jubilation.

Rover through the double pound,

Heady and heavy as it drags to the ground.

Erotic and sensual, lusting with desire,

Chewy wads caught in teeth attire.

Heavenly syrup of whitened cocoa,

Softly creamy as it swishes under and over.

Fresh and cool as it bubbles through red lips,

Aired and dribbled into fluffy drips,

Delicate and fragile as it falls into pieces,

Thickens and swells, smoothing the creases,

Original ebony, precise devotion,

Milk mixed together for the perfect concoction.

Honeycomb nest and zinging like bees,

Drizzled in a barrier set to appease.

Cracking hard and slippery in surround,

Buttery fingers of supreme sound,

End of time to phase away,

Lost and dose the rest of the day.

A box of delights no need for a cause,

I know my favourites, now how about yours?

A Loss of Love

Had I forgotten that which I hold dear,

Like precious gold or time to not let waste,

My true loved kin and friends, whom I endear,

Those close to heart unto whom I embraced,

Should I decay like a rotting old corpse?

Forever falling into deep despair,

A darkness looming, twisting as it warps,

Whilst running further from the sun’s white glare,

However though they will not let it be,

Compassion deep embedded in our soul,

If some are selfish and will take with glee,

Then most return attention true and whole.

Suffice to say one must now be believed,

The more you love will love be found received.


The humdrum of thundering, spluttering cars,

Drives me insane as I stare at my screen.

A whirlwind of deadlines spin round, round my mind,

Faster and faster ‘till my head feels like fire.

My window is open, I stare out blankly,

When cloud becomes mist, and walls collapse.

Surrounded by nature, a lake of secrets,

Right up to the banks rest the ancient silver firs.

The guardians of the lake stand proud, free,

Their leafy armour rustling as the zephyrs come and go.

Their footmen, the wood-sorrels, clamber about each root,

Cascading down to the reeds, where the lake halts its growth.

Protected, deathly still, like a polished mirror,

Murky glass reflects little, but still it saw the sky.

Here and there, a lily pad rests, a luxury boudoir,

Where the empress lays, her perfume profound.

Bright pink and vibrantly she shines, a celebrity,

Like city lights and Hollywood stars, hello, hello spotlight.

The photo frame then fades to sky,

The windowsill returns.

The tappity tap of keyboard clicks,

Surround my office abode.

I breathe a sigh, a dream no more,

And with that my work resumes.